Bishop Gabriel Halton

Bishop Gabriel HaltonBishop TCT AD Jan 2014

Bishop Gabriel Stanley Halton’s bloodline carries a rich heritage of anointed leadership, beginning with his great great grandmother known as a State Mother over the Church of God in Christ Incorporated. Mother Lizzie Roberson worked hand and hand with Bishop Charles Harrison Mason of the Church of God in Christ. She was over the first Women National Headquarters. Bishop Gabriel Halton’s great aunt Evangelist Mattie B. Poole was known for her great healing exploits throughout the world. She was co-founder of the Living Witnesses of the Apostolic Faith Incorporated. Bishop Stanley Halton, who is considered a father in the apostolic realm, was known for his unwavering faith in God co-founded The True Churches of the Apostolic Faith Incorporated of which he was the Presider for over 32 years.

In July 2001 Bishop Gabriel Halton was appointed to the office of District Elder over the state of Illinois. In November 2001 he was appointed Suffragen Bishop and Diocesan Bishop of Indiana and Illinois. In 2003 he was consecrated to the office of Episcopal Bishop in Jackson, MI and was entrusted to carry on the work as Senior Pastor at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. Under the leadership of Bishop Gabriel Halton over 20 ministries have been initiated. Although he worked locally with the community, there was a global call on Bishop Halton’s life to serve internationally.  Bishop Halton moved beyond the four walls of the building into the world as an Ambassador for Lively Stone Church of God and traveled to Nassau, Bahamas; Haiti, and the East Coast of Africa, namely Kenya. Bishop Halton was happily married to Lady Tracey D. Halton for 28 years. He is the father of three children: Valentino, Antoinique, and Gabrielle. With the help of the Lord, Bishop Gabriel Halton’s mission was to persist in his endeavors to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people both nationally and internationally.